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In this game, one player can experience the classic game of chess in a bigger than life scale and face of against another player.

Asymmetric Game play

The game is played in local multiplayer, with one player using an OpenVR supported system (tested on the Valve Index) while the other player is using the PC and monitor running the game.


In VR you can teleport with the B button, open an overview with the A button, pick up the pieces with the grip and  select the UI buttons with the trigger. On the PC you click on the piece you want to move and click again to place it down.

About me and this Game

This is my first game that i released, and one of only a few projects that i actually finished. The reason why i release this game is simply to have a first game released and since game developing is my passion i hope that someone else can have a bit of fun as well. Since i'm terrible when it comes to art, all the assets used are from the free portion of the unity asset store, or sometimes sadly the default assets. I hope that there are no more major (or minor) bugs in the game, but if any are found please comment and i will try to fix them. 

To anyone downloading this game and giving it a try, thank you!

Release date Jul 17, 2019
Made withUnity
Tagsasymetric, Chess, game-of-kings, Unity, valve-index, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, HTC Vive
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


GameOfKingsVR.rar 41 MB

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